Get to Know about One Farrer Hotel in Singapore

One Farrer Hotel
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Do you know One Farrer Hotel in Singapore is one of the best places for your staycation? It is a nice hotel for you. Why is that so? Because the place is very strategic, in the Little India area. It has spacious rooms. The rooms have many categories.

The spatial organization structure has something in common because every hotel has the same service. Like lodging, eating, and drinking services.

Rooms at One Farrer Hotel in Singapore

According to Walter Routes and Richard Penner in the book Hotel Planning and Design, 1985, the organization of hotel space according to its function consists of the division of space organization according to its services.

The division of hotel organization according to its function can be detailed as follows. The first is public space. That is a group of public rooms like the main lobby main office with functional rooms. The second is a concession rentable space are the rooms that belong to this category.

Second area is a space group that is leased to serve the needs of hotel guests. It is also other business ventures that are separate from hotel activities. The third is the food and beverage store space. As the name implies, this is a group of spaces that serve eat and drink for guests staying or not staying overnight. Included in this group are restaurants, coffee shops, bars, kitchens, and warehouses.

Then the fourth is the public service space. That is a group of service rooms that generally include a reception section. It is like the employee's room storage, employee dining room, laundry, linen room, housekeeping, and maintenance. The next room is guest room service. That is a group consisting of a bedroom for staying guests, equipped with facilities for a bedroom, toilet, corridor, elevator, and other equipment.

The last one is the recreation and sports space. That is a group of sports recreation facilities. It is exclusive for hotel guests who need them. This space is open to the outside community.

The division of space organization according to nature is also applied to this hotel. The division of space organization according to the nature of the room, the first is the public room. This is a group of areas used for public purposes such as the main lobby, front office, restaurant, recreation, and sports center, function rooms, and rentable rooms.

Then, for those of you who spend the night at One Farrer Hotel, there is also a bedroom. This is very private per guest. This area is a group of guest bedrooms with facilities and equipment. The last is the service room. That is a group of places that perform services. For example kitchen, laundry, general store, housekeeping, and maintenance.

Plan a Staycation in One Farrer Hotel

If you go to Singapore, you have to think about where to stay. Especially when you want a beautiful and memorable staycation. The One Farrer Hotel can be a good choice for you to stay. It is so warm and tidy with various areas and rooms mentioned above. Plan your vacation now, and you will feel happier in Singapore.  

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