How to Stay on Trend with Popilush’s Black Friday Fashion Deals?

Popilush’s Black Friday Fashion Deals?

I know your routine is busy, so you should look for simple ways to stay up to date with the main fashion trends and find practical ways to include these new developments in your routine.

The main tip here is to take advantage of the mega low price offer that arrives along with Black Friday! You can update your closet by purchasing a best seller shaper dress, for example. Check out some dress models that follow the fashion world in this article!!

1. Built-In Shapewear Long Sleeve Split Dresses

This model represents a beautiful piece to have in your closet. It can be used for parties, dinners and other environments where you want to build an image of a powerful woman. The long sleeves combined with the tight-fitting design and V-neckline make your body even more feminine.

The side slit is a hot trend among women and helps to adjust your silhouette, lengthens and makes you slimmer. It is made from elastic fabric that provides a pleasant touch against the skin. The belly takes on a new shape through the double-layer mesh integrated into the abdomen region. The legs are shaped through the mesh design in the leg region that aligns your curves.

There are no marking lines, as the seam is made on the inner side of the mesh fabric and the breasts are supported by the chest support elastic that fits and centralizes.

The long sleeves combined with the tight-fitting design and V-neckline make your body even more feminine

2. Built-In Shapewear Modal Lounge Dresses

If you want to purchase super comfortable pieces to carry out any activity in your daily life, these body shaper for dress are the right choice. A modal fabric is very soft and easily matches any style, allowing you to create many different fashion compositions. They are available in three styles:
  1. Slip Maxi Dress
  2. Long Sleeve Midi Dress
  3. Long Sleeve Maxi Dress
They have a built-in bra with removable cups that adapt according to your needs. The tummy is flattened through double-layer waist control for a beautiful hourglass shape.
It has butt lifting technology through the BBL effect. It is made from breathable fabric, which absorbs body moisture throughout the day. This way you are free from the undesirable effects of sweat, without having to worry about embarrassment or those famous wet marks that accumulate on your clothes.

3. Built-In Shapewear Slip Maxi Lounge Dress

Popilush’s Black Friday Fashion

A Soft Modal Loungewear 8 in 1 maxi dress gives you full-body modeling and is perfect for use in both more formal events, such as the workplace, and informal events such as a walk to the mall.

It's a great option for you to use at the end of the year festivities or perhaps as a gift for the women in your family. It is made with comfortable, elastic and soft fabric composed of:
  • Exterior/outside: 92% Modal / 8% Spandex;
  • Interior/linning: 62% Nylon / 38% Spandex
The body shaper goes underneath, making it the best built in shapewear dress you can get if you want to include slimming effects in your everyday life. It gently defines your curves, enhancing your natural beauty and providing a more attractive shape to your appearance, without visible marks under clothing. The open gusset is an important helper for when you need to go to the bathroom.

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